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  1. Who would I talk to at your business about your google business listing? It may be unverified, incorrect or not listed at all on the voice search platforms such as Alexa, Siri, Bixby and Google Home.

    I can send you the full (free/no obligation) report to show you.

    Let me know what email address/person to send it over to?

    Send your reply here: debbiesilver2112@gmail.com


    Debbie Silver

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for reading this message,
    Did you know that it is possible to send appeal totally legal?
    We put a new legitimate method of sending business proposal through contact forms.
    (Like this massage I send you)
    Such contact forms are located on many sites.
    When such business offers are sent, no personal data is used,
    and messages are sent to forms specifically designed to receive messages and appeals.
    Also, messages sent through Contact Forms do not get into spam because such messages are considered important.

    Please use the contact details below to contact us for more information and prices.
    +201208525644 Whatsapp, Viber, or Telegram
    Email: support@shopwebmaster.com

    Have a nice day!

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  3. Hi,

    Whether you’re aware of it or not, comments are the most powerful social signals in the world, there’s no doubt about that.

    Yes, relevant comments are a proven way to boost your Social Signals, Traffic and Engagement.

    Likes, hearts, smileys and other more lax forms of social signals are ok, but they pale in comparison to the power of comments.

    So if you’d like to tap into a proven way to gain an edge over your competition, reply now for complete details and I’ll send it over to you ASAP.


  4. In the past 15 years we have built over 400 websites and generated over 500,000 leads for our clients.

    We are a US company – with tons of references, testimonials and happy clients – and we want to be your go to marketing agency!

    So, here is our offer 15% off any of our services PLUS a FREE review of your:

    -Website (speed, SEO, look and feel, mobile compliance – everything)

    -Social media pages

    -Directory listings (are you showing up on google? What about Alexa and Siri?)

    -Landing pages

    -Email newsletters

    -Even your promotional products and printed materials…!

    The goal here is to make sure your brand is consistent – and your business grows!

    We are offering a 15% off voucher for your business

    Email me back with your contact information and website link at DebbieSilver2112@gmail.com

    You will not be sorry!


    Debbie Silver

    Branding & Marketing Specialist

  5. Hi,

    I was visiting tattoo-design.org and wondered if you’d be interested in us promoting your message/service/product to 200,000 website owners?

    The price of this is just $50, via Paypal.

    If you’d be interested in learning more, reply to this email but please make sure you include the word INTERESTED in the subject line field, so we can get to your reply sooner.

    Many thanks,
    Pete Barnett

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